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Vegetable ratatouille with roasteg goat cheese, walnuts and homemade bread 195 Kč
Beef taratar of sirlion with guail egg, Parmesan wafer and roasted toast 285 Kč
Daily soup 75 Kč
Main courses  
Confit duck thigh, potato gnocchi, red cabbage with apples 345 Kč
Beef goulash with bread dumplings, decorated with fresh onion and chilli pepper 295 Kč
Roasted boar knee on wild with root vegetables nd red wine, home bacon dumplings- Recommend 385 Kč
Beef steak of the right sirlion with rosemary potatoes, imperial peas pods with bacon, thyme Demi glace  495 Kč
Bio Angus burger and caramelized onion, Cheddar cheese, bacon, steak fries and homemade basil ketchup 365 Kč
Grilled salmon served on saffron risotto with artichoke pieces and lemon mousse 395 Kč
Tortelini giant with ricotta and mushrooms, with beurre blanc sauce a sage 265 Kč
Sepia tagliatelle with pieces of salmon. zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves 275 Kč
Caesar salad with chicken  "sous vide", bacon, croutons and parmesan cheese 290 Kč
Small salad of fresh vegetables with sun dried tomatoes and basil 225 Kč
Home Sacher cake- recommend 175 Kč
Creme brulée 165 Kč
Apple cake with cream Sans and vanilla ice cream 175 Kč
Fingerfood for wine and beer  
Delicate cheese assortment of with nectar honey, fig marmelade and fresh fruits  255 Kč
Fried almonds wit sea salt 85 Kč
Marinated olives with chilli, garlic and thyme 85 Kč