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Horse d´oeuvres  
Delicate cheese assortment of with nectar honey, fig marmalade and fresh fruit 205,- Kč
Prosciutto di Parma with honey melon, salty chips and horse-radish-honey dressing 245,- Kč
Marinated beef carpaccio in basil pesto with capers, rucola and Parmesan cheese 275,- Kč
Daily soup 75,- Kč
Main dishes  
Seared duck breast on mixed salad with red currant sauce and Grenaille potatoes 365,- Kč
Beef goulash with bread dumpling, garnished with fresh onion and chilli peppers 315,- Kč
Baked piglet knuckle in dark beer and rosemary with carlsbad dumplings and white cabbage 415,- Kč
Beef sirloin steak with rosemary potatoes, green peasecods with bacon, thyme Demi glace 525,- Kč
Bio Angus Burger served with home-made basil ketchup, mayonnaise, bacon chips,  Cheddar cheese and steak fries 345,- Kč
Grilled Butterfish fillet served with Romanesco purée with vegetable garnish 335,- Kč
Risotto with French goat cheese, rucola and cherry tomato confit 269,- Kč
Tagliatelle with prawns, zucchini and cherry tomatoes 275,- Kč
Greek salad with feta cheese 255,- Kč
Tuna salad with chicken pea, poached egg and roasted toast 255,- Kč
Caesar salad with chicken meat „soud vide“, bacon, croutons and Parmesan Cheese 265,- Kč
Chocolate fondant with pear sorbet 145,- Kč
Ice cream cake with nuts, chocolate and fruit 155,- Kč
Home-made Red Velvet cake decorated with fruit 155,- Kč
Finger food for beer  
Fried almonds with sea salt 85,- Kč
Marinated olives with chilli, garlic and thyme 85,- Kč