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Horse d´oeuvres  
Vegetable ratatouille with roasted goat cheese, walnuts and home-made bread 175,- Kč
Beef tartar of sirlion with guail egg, Parmesan wafer, and roasted toast 285,- Kč
Daily soup 75,- Kč
Main dishes  
Confi t duck thigh, potato gnocchi, red cabbage with herbs  345,- Kč
Beef goulash with bread dumplings, decorated with fresh onion and chili pepper  295,- Kč
Roasted boar knee on wild with root vegetables and red wine, home bacon dumplings  385,- Kč
Beef steak of the right sirloin with rosemary potatoes, imperial peas pods with bacon, thyme Demi- glace  495,- Kč
Bio Angus burgers and caramelized onion, Cheddar cheese, bacon, steak fries and home-made basil ketchup  365,- Kč
Grilled salmon served on saffron risotto with artichoke pieces and lemon mousse  395,- Kč
Tortelini giant with ricotta and mushrooms, with beurre blanc sauce and sage  25,- Kč
Sepia tagliatelle with pieces of salmon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves  275,- Kč
Caesar salad with chicken, sous vide «bacon, croutons and parmesan cheese  290,- Kč
Mixed green lettuce with red beet dressing, goat cheese, walnuts and marinated pear in red wine  225,- Kč
Small salad of fresh vegetables with dried tomatoes and basil  165,- Kč
Home Sacher Cake / Sachertorte  175,- Kč
 Creme Brulée
165,- Kč
Apple cake with cream Sans and vanilla ice cream  175,- Kč
Finger food for beer  
Fried almonds with sea salt 85,- Kč
Marinated olives with chilli, garlic and thyme 85,- Kč