Restaurant and Garden

Dear guests, the Santini Garden restaurant is currently open only for your private and business social events, which we will be pleased to arrange for you.

Apart from these events, the restaurant is closed. Thank you for understanding.


The inner premises of the Santini Garden restaurant can accommodate 35 guests comfortably. However, our pride is the unique summer garden inside the block of amazing historical houses of the Lesser Quarter. These premises are truly unrepeatable. The atmosphere, created by combination of luxurious design, use of natural materials, unexpected amount of greenery, as well as ubiquitous footprints of long-ago times, cannot be described by words. It must be experienced.

The garden has capacity of 45 guests. If it was not enough for your event, we may build our luxurious party tent, which can accommodate other 80 persons! 

Top-class chief cooks will be happy to prepare any kind of menu consisting of both Czech and international cuisine for you. And we are sure that you will appreciate our carefully selected wines from all corners of our beautiful Czech country, which we specialize in. The best types of rum and whiskey are granted as well. 

After a meal, you may enjoy a cup of excellent coffee at the summer garden along with one of our home-made desserts.

We are looking forward to your visit.