Weddings and parties

„The beauty of all unforgettable moments is hidden in the place where we experience them, and in people with whom we spend them."


Do you plan your wedding, family celebration, or a company party? Then you have found the best place possible! We understand how much the perfect and smooth course of your social event is important to you, and therefore we will do our very best to prepare it for you exactly according to your visions and wishes. And you can be sure that we have very rich experience in this respect. 

Our restaurant offers capacity for 35 persons. But if you just walk through a door, you will find our gorgeous summer garden for other 45 persons! And there will be no problem with capacity even in case that you intend to invite even more wedding guests, or business partners: if needed, we may build our luxurious party tent for other 80 persons!

During the summer, you may enjoy out-door barbecues in Santini Garden under the supervision of our chief cooks. We will also be happy to arrange live or reproduces music background for your event according to your taste.   


For more information, please contact our restaurant by e-mail:


Within the scope of your social event, we will be happy to arrange for you:  

  • organization of weddings, events, family type caterings (christening parties, graduations, birthday parties, important family anniversaries etc.), company events, coffee breaks, refreshments for diminutive occasions, private events, Christmas parties   
  • events for 10 to 80 persons  
  • everything at one spot – the ceremony, wedding lunch, banquet, or just smaller refreshment for an intimate company   
  • complete catering – cold and warm meals prepared by professional chief cooks – everything home-made and fresh, prepared from top-quality ingredients  
  • beverages – both alcoholic and alcohol-free beverage packages, open bar and cocktails  
  • home-made wedding cake, wedding pastry, cakes or desserts according to your wishes